Thankful for the God Who Sees Me

November 25, 2019

Genesis 16:13  …You are the God who sees me…

Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite days on the calendar. This time of year seems to help sharpen my focus on things for which I am truly thankful.  Looking back to last Thanksgiving when I could not walk, stand, pick up anything–when there were days I could not get out of bed or even speak without difficulty–I can hardly believe this year I am walking two miles a day and assuming a ministry schedule that includes traveling and speaking. Praise God!  While He didn’t deliver me from my difficulties, He has brought me through them!

While I was going through some of my worst days, my dear friend, Kathie Lee Gifford, sent me a rough audio cut of a beautiful song and narration she had written and that Nicole C. Mullen had recorded. The song was a very sweet, tender blessing that brought tears to my eyes. The completed production that is now posted on YouTube has just been brought to my attention. It’s my joy to share it with you, so that together, we can praise and thank the God who sees…


I also want to thank Kathie Lee for her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading and for her obedience to carry out the vision He inspired for this production. She did this at a time in her life when she also was experiencing life’s challenges. She, too, is a widow and an orphan while undergoing some major transitions. Yet God has truly made her fruitful “in the land of her affliction.” (Genesis 41:52) As a result, many of us are blessed, comforted, and encouraged. So…beloved Kathie Lee this year, you are one for whom I am especially thanking God!






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