A Passionate Commitment to Pray

May 15, 2017

For the Lord will not forsake His people, for His great name’s sake, because it has pleased the Lord to make you His people. 1 Samuel 12:22

Dan and JoAnn Cummins are dear friends who have a passionate commitment to pray for and with our national leaders. The following article* gives a great perspective on the events of May 4th — the National Day of Prayer:

Sometimes God speaks so loudly we cannot hear, and He reveals Himself on such a grand scale that we do not see – as if to hide Himself in plain sight. But I believe it delights the heart of God to reveal Himself to men, especially when they turn to Him for mercy in their time of need. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear.

I believe the nation witnessed such a moment this past May 4, the first Thursday in May, which has been designated by an act of Congress since 1952 as The National Day of Prayer – a day when the nation calls upon God to heal our land. This practice of our leaders, writing proclamations calling for public prayer and fasting, is as old, even older, than the republic itself.

The Lord’s Prayer states, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” Things are first established in Heaven before they become reality upon the earth. Prayer is no different. Our petitions are heard first in Heaven and then the answers revealed on earth. When and what we see in the earth has already taken place in Heaven, though sometimes the earthly manifestations are hindered by spiritual heavenly warfare.

The morning of May 4, 2017, began in a garden – not just any garden, probably the most famous garden in the world: the Rose Garden at the White House. The day began with the nation being called to prayer by a proclamation from two of the most recognized people in the world – President Trump and Vice President Pence. They called we the people to make petitions to God on behalf of the nation. The National Day of Prayer began for the first time in a garden with fellowship between God and man.

Immediately after that time of prayer in the Rose Garden, the president signed an executive order restoring authority to America’s pastors, priests and clergy and the right to freedom of speech from their pulpits, in opposition to the 1954 Johnson Amendment. He then further instructed the Justice Department to rule whenever possible by law on behalf of the First Amendment rights and the individual’s freedoms to worship God in the marketplace as their conscious dictates.

I recall it was in a Garden called Eden, where man lost fellowship with God and the authority of the earth’s dominion. So how fitting that it is in a garden – a rose garden – like the rose of Sharon, President Trump restored to our pastors the right to speak the words of His covenant to the nation. In effect, our nation’s moral voice and spiritual compass was restored last week in a garden. And like Adam, we now again have a choice as to what we will do with this restored authority. God forbid that we question again, “Hath God said?”

But I believe God had just begun to speak to the nation last Thursday morning, to let us know that He had heard our petitions from Heaven and was n deed beginning to heal our land.

By the afternoon, a mile and a half down Pennsylvania Avenue – outside the Rose Garden – on a hill, Capitol Hill, the House voted and passed the American Health Care Act, a piece of legislation designed to provide physical healing for the nation. Certainly, it has a long way to go before it becomes law, but the process of healing began nonetheless. Is it a coincidence that it took six weeks for the bill to make its way back to the floor after being pulled by Speaker Ryan for lack of votes to pass it? That now, suddenly on the National Day of Prayer, of all days, it finally had enough votes to pass?

And might I remind us that healing is an incremental process, not like an instantaneous miracle. In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God does not promise the nation a “miracle” but a “healing” when we call out to Him in penitent prayer.

Then to close out the day, the National Day of Prayer culminated for the first time ever in the Capitol’s hallowed Statuary Hall, the original chamber of the House of Representative, with a globally televised prayer service led by the new NDP chairwoman, Anne Graham Lotz. Was God not only speaking to the nation, but to the whole world saying, “Look what I’m doing!”?

How fitting the venue to be Statuary Hall, where from 1807-1857 (for 50 years, the number of the year of Jubilee when the land was restored to its rightful owners!), the chamber on Sundays was the sanctuary to Washington, D.C.’s largest Christian church. Even before the completion of the chamber, church services were held in the old Senate Chamber and Supreme Court Chamber from 1800-1807. It was the largest interdenominational church on the East Coast.

The American Christian church has deep spiritual roots in this sacred room. Over 2,000 gospel sermons were preached there beginning with the presidency of Thomas Jefferson until President James Garfield who was a preacher. Will we begin to see revival in America’s churches?

What Adam lost in the garden Christ restored to the Church from a hill called Calvary! The day’s activities began in a garden and ended in a church on the Hill! Is this perhaps the beginning of Joel’s restoration of “all things” in the last days? We can only see.

All these activities were a first – they had never occurred in this manner since 1952 when the NDP was established.

We know that more prayers were offered for this past election than at any time in our history, possibly since the Civil War. And 2 Chronicles 7:14, has probably never been prayed with such fervency and by so many before and up to the closing of the polls on election night Nov. 8.

The nation faced a crisis, and “My people” prayed!

I believe God could not have spoken with more volume or more openly than He did on May 4. I believe God has heard the nation as He said He would if we pray and repent. I believe the next awakening has dawned and the healing process begun. We have responded the past few years to the fiery words of His prophets, the likes as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and now I believe we can expect to see the refreshing, healing latter rains of the Holy Spirit begin to fall upon the land as the evangelists, pastors and teachers come forth. The healing will come as a harvest of souls being spiritually healed and brought into the Kingdom by that old rugged cross on Calvary’s hill.

Is America perfect? By no means. Is there much work to do? Certainly, yes! Will it be easy? Rehab and therapy never are. It takes commitment, patience and time. But remember, healing is a process. “And I will heal your land.” Therapist and patient must work through the healing. America has to work through our healing – together, Republicans and Democrats. That means each of us doing our part.

Every American must now as never before be committed to prayer if the healing is to be completed and the nation made whole.

What an exciting time to be a servant of the Lord.

— Dan Cummins

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