Expecting To See Jesus: Focusing Through The Fog

September 15, 2015

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.  2 Timothy 3:1

The nation of Israel was hit by a rare dust storm the first week of September that has been described as an “epic storm of Biblical proportions.” The choking air contained pollution that was 173 times higher than average, and stretched over five days instead of the typical 24 hours.

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 10.47.09 PM

The entire physical scene seemed to mirror the moral and spiritual condition of our world which seems to be disintegrating in a fog of immorality, violence, cruelty, hypocrisy, dishonesty…

The list goes on. The random killing of police officers, the shooting of innocents on school campuses or in places of business, the Iran deal struck behind closed doors that betrays God’s people, Russia aligning with Syria while threatening us, American citizens imprisoned for standing by their religious convictions, the volatility of the economy, the killing and selling of babies–in pieces, the official acceptance and even promotion of the LGBT agenda.  Those are things just happening in America.  But the “fog” is worldwide.

Everything seems to be falling apart. Except for one thing. The Bible says instead that everything is just falling into place.  Right at the feet of Jesus.  The King is coming!  The Messiah is coming! Soon…  So, get ready!  I’m expecting to see Jesus at any moment.

The following message which was filmed during another dust storm in Jerusalem gives some of the reasons whyExpecting to See Jesus


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