Looking Up…From My Knees

August 4, 2015

…There was the glory of the Lord appearing in the cloud.  Exodus 16:10

One of my favorite things to do is to walk the beach early in the morning. As I did so this past week, I watched the sunrise.  The thought occurred to me that sometimes God’s glory is not just in the cloud, it’s behind the dark cloud.

beach sunrise #1x600
As the black clouds of ISIS, a nuclear deal with Iran, Planned Parenthood, active shooters, same-sex marriage, and the increased secularization of our nation seem to be building on the horizon, “mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord¹!”

Looking up … from my knees!

Beach sunrise #2 x600






¹Stephanie Seefeldt’s arrangement and vocal of The Battle Hymn closed out the prayer sessions at our Just Give Me Jesus Revivals. The hymn seems more timely then ever…His truth is marching on and on and on.

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