Winter 2015

“We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character; hope.”
–Romans 5:3-4

Praise Pray and Peg Away

The sign in my mother’s kitchen

As I reflect on 2014, blessings come to mind.  And so do burdens.  Prayers that were answered, and other prayers that remain unanswered.  Friends who stood by me, and others who avoided me.  Days when I had health and energy, and other days when I was so tired I felt I couldn’t hold my head up one more moment.  Times to relax, and times of enormous stress.  Hope that filled my heart, and disappointments that crushed my spirit.  The prospects of living through another roller-coaster year are almost daunting.  I know it will be another year of faith-stretching, faith-building, faith-strengthening experiences.  Another year of waiting…of looking up…for His return.

My beloved and wise Mother must have had days and weeks and months and years like this, too.  Because on the window sill by the kitchen sink in our home when I was growing up was a little gold framed saying that had fallen into the sink so many times it had water stains on it.  She gave me an exact duplicate of it, which I have hanging in my pantry.  The saying reflects Mother’s typical, whimsical sense of humor:  Praise, Pray, and Peg Away.  It has become my motto for 2015.  As a result, I am filled with expectancy—my life is not being wasted.  And I am filled with hope—Jesus is coming!

For His Glory,

Anne Graham Lotz

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