Heaven Is For You

Dec 3, 2014

A little child shall lead them…  Isaiah 11:6

400x_heaven_childrens_book.jpg__400x267_q85_crop_upscaleThis past Fall, my daughter Rachel-Ruth invited me to join her as she led the monthly chapel at her children’s Christian school.  We presented the Gospel, using my children’s book, Heaven: God’s Promise for Me.  At the conclusion of our presentation, Rachel-Ruth gave an invitation, and over 100 children from first to fifth grade raised their hands to invite Jesus into their hearts!  It was deeply moving to hear them collectively pray the sinner’s prayer out loud after Rachel-Ruth! One of these children was a 2nd grade boy.

A few weeks later, the boy’s mother came up in tears to Rachel-Ruth.  She shared that her son was very confident of the decision he had made, and as a result, she felt he should be baptized. Her husband, who was not a Christian, agreed. So the necessary arrangements were made with their church.

Following their son’s baptism, the pastor presented the Gospel, inviting those present who wished to place their faith in Jesus to come forward.  When the wife glanced over at her husband, he had tears on his face.  She quietly whispered, “Do you want to go forward?” He shook his head adamantly, “No.”  She boldly persisted.  “If I go with you, will you go?”  Without another word, he grabbed her hand, got up, and went to the front where he prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

Praise God!  Heaven is God’s promise for me and you, and sometimes it takes a little child to help open the door.



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