From Westminster Abbey


Nov 20, 2014

This past week, I traveled to London, England to speak at Premier Radio’s Woman to Woman Conferences. On the first night in London, I went to Evensong at Westminster Abbey. In the grand cathedral where British kings and queens are married, crowned, and buried, I sat with hundreds of others and listened to the Scriptures being read, prayers being said, and songs of worship being sung. At the conclusion of the order of service, there was a quote attributed to St. Benedict that I wanted to share with you:

O gracious and holy Father, give us wisdom to perceive thee, diligence to seek thee, patience to wait for thee, eyes to behold thee, a heart to mediate on thee, and a life to proclaim thee; through the power of the spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord. 

I prayed this for myself, for those to whom I would be speaking… and for you.


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