9 1 1 Initial Confirmation?

Sep 2, 2014

As soon as you began to pray,
an answer was given.  Daniel 9:23

When Daniel poured out his heart in prayer for Jerusalem, he received initial confirmation that God had heard his prayer.  The angel Gabriel came to him and told him that as soon as he had begun to pray, an answer was given.1

For those of us who participated Monday September 1 in 9 1 1:  An Urgent Call to Pray for Jerusalem, we concluded with an expectancy that God would confirm that He had also heard our heart’s cry on behalf of the city and the people that He loves.

I received the following email from the same lovely lady who had prayer walked downtown Washington, DC, during 7 7 7. She had sent a picture she had taken on July 8th of a full, double rainbow over the nation’s capital, which we all took as a “sign” that God had indeed heard our prayers. Yesterday, after participating in 9 1 1:  An Urgent Call to Pray for Jerusalem, she wrote the following…

It hasn’t rained here in DC for several weeks. But, this afternoon a storm swept through our nation’s capital. I saw several reports of a double rainbow over DC — again! Lots of folks posted photos of the rainbow on twitter. Though I sadly missed seeing it with my own eyes, I smiled real big when I read the news. I’ve lived in this town nearly seven years and can attest to the fact rainbows do NOT happen here that often. My friend The Lord has sent us yet another gracious sign that He has heard our prayers.

Could it possibly be that once again God has placed His initial confirmation of our prayers in the sky over our nation’s capital? To let us know that our prayers have moved Heaven?

I know God has heard our prayers.  Because He promised that when we come to Him in Jesus’ name, He will.2  And He always keeps His promises.  The rainbow is just the exclamation point.






1 Daniel 9:20-23

2 John 15:7


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