Multiplying Ministry

Aug 21, 2013

The harvest is plentiful but the
workers are few. Ask the Lord of
the harvest, therefore, to send out
workers… Matthew 9:37-38

The momentum of America’s decline into moral and spiritual bankruptcy has increased to a breath-taking death-spiral. Our nation cannot continue on this path for much longer. It’s not the multi-trillion dollar debt that concerns me the most. It’s the impending judgment of God that we are provoking through our defiance of Him, His Son, His Word, and His principles that alarms me to the core.

Judgment is coming on our nation. And while I pray that it coincides with the rapture of the church, it may not. God may allow all of us to live during a time when we experience the consequences of our national and collective sin.

With that very gloomy, negative introduction, I want to try to convey to you what’s on my heart.  I believe now is the time to act.  Now is the time to seize the opportunity to do all we can to not only share the Gospel with the unsaved, but to get the saved into God’s Word so that their faith is deeply rooted.

As I was meditating on the end of Matthew 9 and the beginning of Matthew 10, the words and actions of Jesus seemed to speak clearly to me.  After a period of time where He traveled, spoke, and ministered, He was moved that so many people were “like sheep without a shepherd.”  They had no one to care for them, to lead them into green pastures, to show them where the Living Water was to be found.  And so Jesus prayed, and asked His disciples to pray that God would send out workers.

In the very next chapter, we find Jesus becoming the answer to His own prayer when He sent out His 12 disciples—a select group of ordinary men who had completely “bought into” His ministry.  He commissioned them to go out and do what He had been doing.  And they did, greatly multiplying His ministry.

I, too, have had a time of traveling and speaking.  I, too, am moved as I see and hear from people who are like “sheep without a shepherd.”  While they may go to church, or be in Bible studies, they do not know how to feed themselves from God’s Word, and they do not know how to access the refreshing Living Water—the life and power of the Holy Spirit.  As I have prayed, this thought has come to me.  Is it time to multiply my ministry by sending you out?

The “you” to whom I am referring are those of you who have bought into AnGeL Ministries and our method of getting people into God’s Word without using a middle-man.  “You” who have used our Bible study videos, books, and resources, not just for yourself, but to get others into God’s Word for themselves.

This is my invitation.  I would like to hear from you.  I would like for you to write an email or letter, or a post on Facebook, to let me know how you have used our material and what impact it has made.  There are three reasons I am asking.  One: So that we can praise God together!  Two: To give others ideas of how they can use our resources to get others into the Word.  Three:  To explore ways we can assist you and increase the multiplication.

I am praying for a select, mighty team of disciples to be raised up at this very critical hour in history—disciples who will be used of God to get others deeply rooted in the Word that they in turn might be strong enough to endure the trials that are coming.

To get us started, the following are excerpts from reports I have received from some of you recently:

I felt God leading me from taking classes to teach and right after that decision God showed me that He wanted me teaching, but teaching His Word!  I was asked to teach your Bible Study on Revelation!  Even though I taught Sunday School and Bible studies for 14 years I just did not feel I could do this.  From Exodus God reminded me – Who makes a person’s mouth?  I will be with you and instruct you what to say!  I am so excited!!  He will lead this study not me!!

I’m using your teaching video to lead a women’s study in my home.  It is awesome!  God is moving!!!!  I have used all of your resources, and listened to your tapes. Words could not describe the impact you have had on my life.  Praise Jesus….In heaven I will share stories with you about how God has used you for His Glory.

I recently purchased the The Magnificent Obsession curriculum!  So many are hanging out in Haran and can’t figure out why our lives are so stale.  I know I am called to teach and, I have talked to the Pastor about doing this Bible study in our church.  This is an amazing study and has been an incredible blessing.  I’ll keep you posted on how this is received in our church.  I am anticipating great turnouts. 

Our ministry to young moms at our church has just finished Pursuing More of Jesus.  It has truly encouraged us to draw closer to Jesus through His Word.  For me personally, this study has re-ignited my desire to spend daily time with the Lord.  I needed this as much as the gals I mentor.  A group of working moms and I are meeting this summer to do this study.  I know these ladies will be blessed!

I have been leading one of your Bible Studies in my church for 3 weeks and am amazed at the hunger of our ladies and the thrill of finding the 3 question way of study.  I have studied for 23 years and have learned so much more by slowing down and looking intently into each verse.  We love it!

Thank you for your online Bible studies.  I live in the US and my sister in France has stage 4 cancer and she is not given much hope.  We are going through your studies over Skype and over the phone – and it brings her a deeper understanding of the Good News – what the Bible says and how it applies to our lives.  Thank you for the light and truth your studies bring!

What is your report?  I look forward to reading how God is using you in His multiplication process.


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