Spring 2011

“Jesus appeared in a body, was vindicated by the Spirit,
was seen by angels, was preached among the nations,
was believed on in the world, was taken up in glory.” — 1 Timothy 3:16

This AnGeL has “seen” Jesus; and the vision of His glory manifested through His character of goodness, kindness, faithfulness, graciousness, tenderness, thoughtfulness…and just generally, His loveliness…has made life not just bearable, but exceedingly better. Let me give you some examples:

Life is just better with Jesus … at Home

Coming Home-webAfter emergency surgery to repair a hip he broke in a fall on the ice January 13th, my beloved husband, Danny, came home from the hospital one week later! I could see Jesus in the smile on his face as he walked in the back door. He is regaining his strength under the very attentive, watchful care of our son, Jonathan.

The week before Christmas, my husband was hospitalized with a bacterial blood infection. He was released right before Christmas; but within two weeks was back in the hospital, this time because he slipped on the ice, broke his hip, and underwent emergency surgery. As I write this, he is at home, still on a walker, but getting stronger and more mobile each day. And the infection seems to have cleared.


This is what I have “seen”…Jesus in the shadows, using Danny’s weakness to reconnect him in powerfully spiritual ways to former teammates and friends, so that lives have been impacted and changed for eternity as a result.

The week after I returned from my trip, I sat at my kitchen table with all three of my children, and “saw” Jesus using Danny’s condition to strengthen our family relationships, our love for each other and our humble servants’ spirit. We have needed each other, and we have been there for each other. When I thought I would falter, my children, including my sons-in-law, are the ones who have prayed, encouraged, and lifted me up.

Life is just better with Jesus … in Uganda


Rev-Michael-Okwakol-webI have seen Jesus in the heart of Pastor Michael Okwakol (pictured with his family), who deeply desires for his people to be Rooted in MORE of Jesus. He inspired national Christian leaders to invite me to Uganda the first week in November to hold three events. With joy, I have accepted!

Located in east central Africa, Uganda is called the “Pearl of Africa” because of its lush countryside and rich foliage. While its landscape is beautiful, its history is littered with the scars of brutal dictators like Idi Amin, the ravages of HIV/Aids that have resulted in thousands of orphans, and the poverty that consumes the daily lives of its residents trying to survive. Added to these difficult circumstances, Al Quaeda and El-Shabab terrorist groups have singled out Uganda as a target, initiating bombings and hostage-taking that now impact daily life.

But I have seen Jesus in Uganda! Whether in spite of their oppressive circumstances, or through them, much of the nation of Uganda loves Jesus! Thanks to missionaries, seeds of faith in Jesus were planted years ago, and the evangelical churches have since sprouted up. But, as Pastor Okwakol recently conveyed, “Sadly, our pastors are not trained and our resources, even Bibles, are limited. So, the roots of our churches are wide across our nation, but they do not go down deep.” And, he added, “We are seeing our people be swayed and led off course.”

As a result, Pastor Michael and other church leaders have invited me to Kampala, the capital of their beautiful country, to offer Rooted in MORE of Jesus, a week of ministry designed to encourage and equip pastors, as well as men and women in lay leadership. And through their gracious invitation, I have seen Jesus beckoning me to Uganda like the Man beckoned Paul to Europe when he was in Troas. God willing, I will go the end of October.

Life is just better with Jesus … in Business and in Politics


Nick Vujicic-webOnly a blind person could fail to see Jesus in the contagious joy that radiates from Nick Vujicic. Born in Australia with no arms and legs, Nick lives life, not somehow, but as triumphantly as anyone I have ever met. He loves life, Jesus, physically challenged children…and the Gospel which he preaches all over the world. What a blessing! Check him out on the web. Meeting him was a highlight of my time.

And I saw Jesus in righteousness and justice, shaking the world’s business and economic leaders by exposing the greed and self-serving interests that have dominated policies for decades. As a result, many leaders now seem open to the need for shared values, and are looking for answers beyond the traditional bastions of power and conventional wisdom. Could God be allowing the world to face problems that seem to have no human solution, so that its leaders will look up? God will give them wisdom, insight and solutions that are beyond their considerable intellectual knowledge and experience if they will turn to Him.

Life is just better with Jesus … for Children

heaven-kids-webMy daughter, Rachel-Ruth, led sixteen children, including my three granddaughters, in a video-taped workshop using our Bible study method. And I saw the Lord when I discovered that my nine-year-old granddaughter, Ruth Bell, is now using the method as she reads her own Bible! To God be the glory!

My three beautiful granddaughters have blessed my life immeasurably! All three, at the tender age of two, under the gentle guidance of their mother and father, confessed their sin, told Jesus they were sorry, and invited Him into their hearts. Immediately, I have “seen” Jesus in their quick conviction when they do something wrong, their sincere desire to do right, their love for their Bibles, their insightful prayers and their boldness in telling their friends about Him.

And I have seen Jesus, with His arms outstretched, longing for all the children of the world to be gathered close to Him so that He could fill their hearts with love and peace and hope for the future. But I have become acutely aware that many parents, for whatever reason, don’t lead their children to Jesus. Perhaps they don’t know that they can or they don’t know how or they think it’s the church’s responsibility. I want to help them.

God has put it on my heart to write a book for children about Heaven. And so I have. It is based on Revelation 21, written as a whimsical poem, and describes Heaven in four ways for children: Heaven is for me, Heaven is a happy place, Heaven will be fun to explore, and Heaven is where Jesus is. The purpose is to provide a tool for parents, grandparents, teachers, or friends, to lead little children to Jesus. At the back of the book will be a prayer and RSVP form to help them respond to Our Father’s invitation to live with Him forever one day in His heavenly Home.

To further help adults lead children to Jesus, I have video-taped a Bible study demonstrating how children can be taught the Scripture. Led by my daughter, sixteen children ages five to nine participated in a lively, very fun discussion of John 14:1-6. And I have “seen” a smile on His face as potentially thousands of children learn to love His Word, as they hear His voice speaking to them through the pages of their Bibles.

Life is just better with Jesus … in the World

AGL_VA_Breakfast-webAn ice storm swept through our area the very day I was to drive to the Virginia Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast. Unable to attend in person, I spoke to the distinguished audience from my office via Skype video. And I saw Jesus overcoming every barrier as lives were changed.

I recently met with Joel Rosenberg and other platform personnel in a retreat setting to pray and prepare for his Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem in May. Joel confirms what I see…Jesus is coming! I see the Light at the end of the dark tunnel of human history.

Because I am so convinced that time is short, I am hosting a Simulcast on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, entitled A WAKE-UP CALL for God’s People. The Simulcast will be broadcast around the world on television, radio, through the internet, and to any church that registers as a site where people can gather and watch it collectively. Joel will help me by presenting a message from Biblical prophecy that points to the imminent return of Jesus. And I will present a message in light of that truth…it’s time to repent of our sin and get right with God! The beautiful and inspired worship music of Selah will help create an atmosphere where all those participating, by whatever means, are ushered into the presence of God.

In conjunction with the Simulcast, I am re-releasing the book, I Saw The LORD, under a new title,Expecting To See Jesus, and have added significant material based on Matthew 24. Because while angels see Jesus, this AnGeL is expecting to see Him again! If not at His return, then at my death. He’s coming! Until that moment when time stops, what a privilege it is to help people experience a better life…because they have Jesus!

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