LISTENING: For the King’s Birthday…A Gift of Service

Everywhere we turn we are reminded that Christmas is around the corner. While some people love the holidays; others, if they were honest, would say they dread all the extra demands on their time to the extent that the holidays become a hassle.

Many years ago I discovered a secret that helps me escape not from the holiday hassle but helps me escape in the holiday hassle. In this Christmas eBook, I would like to share with you a simple secret of Christmas that I have used to greatly enrich my holiday celebration. I pray that God would use this secret to help you overcome the holiday hassle in your life…

Every year I make a Christmas gift list. Do you make one too? This is my suggestion. When you make your list, would you put the King, Jesus, at the top? Have you ever thought about what you might give the King for His birthday? What do you give somebody who has everything? Would you take the next few days to pray and ask the King, “…what would You like for Your birthday?”

He will bring something to your mind. It can be action…it can be an area of service…it can be an attitude…it can be a habit…it can be a relationship…it can be something He wants you to say…something He wants you to do…a place He wants you to go… In some way as I shop, bake, wrap, and do all the things that are part of Christmas, thinking of what I will give the King, then asking Him and following through to give it, enhances my joy.

Since we are already so close to Christmas, I am going to give you a gift suggestion. Something that I know the King wants for His birthday… a service of the soul. It is service that you render to the King out of your love for Him as an expression of your worship to Him. It’s service He taught by His own example.

Many Blessings,

**Anne’s message, “FOR THE KING’S BIRTHDAY: A GIFT OF SERVICE”, was recorded on November 11, 1993 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Part Seven and Closing Prayer

Thank you for joining me as together we prepare for the Christmas Season!


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