Daily Light for Daily Living ~ The Vision of His Glory

Without question, you and I are living in a rapidly changing world. The book of Revelation was written to help Christians who are experiencing pressure and problems, stress and suffering, crisis, and change, to keep their focus on Jesus at such a time as this.

The Vision of His Glory
(Worship, Hope)
Revelation 1:1


Will You Listen as God Speaks?
God’s Word, Blessing(s)
Revelation 1:3


Blessing! Blessed! BLESSED!
(Jesus, Relationship with Jesus)
Revelation 1:3


Alpha and Omega
(Salvation, Easter)
Revelation 1:8


Heaven’s Applause
(Perseverance, Service)
Revelation 2:2


Love for Jesus
(Loving God, Work, Service)
Revelation 2:5


Hold On-Until He Comes
(Sin, God’s Promises)
Revelation 2:24, 26


What Are You Looking For?
(Word of God, Sin)
Hebrews 4:12-13 / Revelation 2-3


Your First Love
(Knowing God, Truth)
Revelation 3:1

Wake Up
(God’s Promises, Humility)
Revelation 3:1-3, 5

Wake Up – Read God’s Word
(God’s Word, Bible Study, Loving God)
Revelation 3:2

You Have a Choice
(Pride, Jesus, Obedience)
Revelation 3:21

Is It Worth It?
(Living for God, Obedience)
Revelation 5:12


Worthy is the Lamb
(Discouragement, Victory)
Revelation 12:10

Built to Last
(Eternity, Heaven, God’s Promises)
Hebrews 11:10 / Revelation 21

Big Dreams
(Heaven, God’s Promises)
Revelation 21:1-2

God is Preparing a Heavenly Home
(Heaven, God’s Promises)
Revelation 21:1-2

Stained by Sin
(Sin, Repentance)
Revelation 21:15

Looking Forward to Heaven
(Heaven, Hope)
Revelation 21:21

Keep Looking Up
(Trials, Heaven, Hope)
Revelation 21:3

It Will Be Perfect
(Heaven, Hope, Suffering)
Revelation 21:4

You Have An Inheritance
(Pride, Heaven, Faith, Jesus)
Revelation 21:7

The Source of All Blessing
(Blessing(s), Holy Spirit)
Revelation 22:1

A Surprise
(End Times/Second Coming)
Revelation 22:12

Confess Your Sins
(Sin, Forgiveness)
Revelation 22:14

He is Coming Soon
(End Times, Second Coming)
Revelation 22:20-21

No Separation
(Heaven, God’s Glory)
Revelation 22:5

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