2023 Israel Tour Messages: Refresh Your Faith

Sea of Galilee: Luke 5


Mount of Beatitudes: Matthew 5-7


Capernaum: Mark 2

Nazareth Village Synagogue: Luke 4

Sea of Galilee Boat Ride: Matthew 14

Megiddo: Revelation 19:6-7

Mount Carmel : 1 Kings 18

Caesarea Maritima: 2 Timothy 4

Jordan River:  Matthew 3:14-17

Good Samaritan Inn: Luke 10

Bethlehem Overlook: Luke 2

Garden Tomb Communion: John 19

Mount of Olives: Matthew 24

Fortress of Antonia: Isaiah 53

Southern Steps: John 16

House of Caiaphas: 1 Peter 1-2

Pool of Siloam: John 9

Magdala: John 19


Mount Nebo: John 14:1-6

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