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Guilt Is Our Friend

Jun 11, 2014

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Sin Has Consequences

May 27, 2014

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Our Built-In Alarm System

Wrong attitudes have enormous power in our lives. That’s why God has placed within each of us a conscience that begins to feel guilty when our attitudes and actions are wrong.

Many of the later-model cars are equipped with theft alarm systems. The more sensitive ones can be annoying to the general public as the least bit of motion by a passer-by or the lightest touch to the car body can send off an ear-splitting siren accompanied by flashing lights and honking horn. But that obnoxious sensitivity is purposefully designed to be a protection against unwanted entry.

God has built into each of us an alarm system to warn us of the unwanted entry of sin into our lives. The alarm system is called guilt. Guilt is our friend. Without it we would go on in sin until we were dominated and defeated by it. So . . . heed the alarm and repent of your sin!

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