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Pursuing MORE of Jesus - DVD Bible Study Leader Kit

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If you want MORE than the bare minimum God has to offer, MORE than what the average Christian seems to settle for, MORE than just enough to get by, then join Anne Graham Lotz in Pursuing MORE of Jesus. In this dynamic study from John's Gospel, you'll spend time in the upper room with the disciples, absorbing the rich depth of all that was on the mind and in the heart of Jesus as He shared intimately with them during the Last Supper.

Pursuing MORE of Jesus is a six-session, video-driven study in which Anne reveals she, herself, is one who thirsts for MORE....  "I longed to receive all that Jesus gave to those who were desperately clinging to Him, yearning for MORE. Because when you love someone with all of your heart, you can't get enough. So, please, dear God, just give me MORE ...of Jesus!"

Watch a brief informational video about Pursuing MORE of Jesus


  • MORE of His Voice in My Ear (John 10:1-10)
  • MORE of His Courage in My Convictions (John 15:17-27)
  • MORE of His Spirit in My Service (John 16:5-15)
  • MORE of His Glory on My Knees (John 17:1-5)


2 Bible Study Workshops - Participate as Anne leads you in a series of hands-on activities exploring her personal method of inductive Bible study.

  • Getting Started in Bible Study
  • Digging Deeper

The Leader Kit includes:

Four DVDs that provide a promotional segment, a music video, two workshops, Anne's four seminar presentations, and more than an hour of bonus content.

One copy of the Pursuing MORE of Jesus Participant's Guide, which includes instructions for Anne's approach to Bible study, a video viewer guide, and small-group leader guide.

Leader Resources

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Also available separately:

Pursuing MORE of Jesus Participant's Guide

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