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Just Give Me Jesus


Several years ago, my Mother had an experience that dramatizes our goal at Just Give Me Jesus.  As Mother grew older, she developed macular degeneration, and had difficulty reading.  So she clipped a large magnifying glass to the arm of her bedroom chair.  After reading one day, she went to the kitchen on an errand.  When she returned to her bedroom, she saw a tendril of smoke rising from the arm of the chair!  When she investigated, she discovered that the sunlight had come through the window, then through the magnifying glass with such intensity, that the arm of the chair had caught fire! 

Just Give Me Jesus ArenaThe Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 1:6 that when we first become Christians we are given a consuming, passionate, burning love for our Father, which He places within us. Do you remember when the thought of Him provoked an emotional, passionate, fervent response in your heart? Do you remember how you plunged into service, thrilled to think you could do something for this One you loved, this Savior Who had done so much for you? But as time passed, did your busyness become weariness? And did the fire in your heart flicker and die down, even as you hurried to serve God in a multitude of exhausting ways?

At times such as these we must urgently return to the Father, earnestly asking for the Wind of His Spirit to revive the embers of His gift in our hearts. Jesus taught us that our love for Him is more important than all of our service to Him. He reminded us that the first and greatest commandment was this: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."

Is the fire of your passionate love for Jesus and His Word dying out as you smother yourself in busyness? In neglectfulness? In prayerlessness? In sinfulness? Then please join us and let Just Give Me Jesus strike the match once again!

In this life-changing gathering of love and praise, you will be stirred in worship by Fernando Ortega, you will be inspired in prayer by Sheila Bailey, and Anne will lead you into the pages of God's Word through proclamation and inductive study. It is offered free of charge, so invite a friend to come with you. And pray! Pray that the sparks fanned into flame in this gathering will become a raging fire that sweeps through your family, your church, your city, and the nation as together we carry this burning ember to the world.

Video Sample of a session at Just Give Me Jesus: