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Articles and Interviews of Anne about her latest book, Wounded by God's People:

Click here to read a review by Aslan Christian Books - When you're wounded by God's people.

Click here to read Anne's January 2, 2014 interview with idea magazine's assistant editor Richard Woodall.

Click here to listen to Anne's November 25, 2013 interview on Life Today with James and Betty Robison.

Click here to listen to Anne's October 30, 2013 (Part 1 of 2) interview on Focus on the Family.

Click here to listen to Anne's October 31, 2013 (Part 2 of 2) interview on Focus on the Family.

Click here to watch Anne's October 14, 2013 interview on The 700 Club.

Click here to watch Anne's September 8, 2013 interview on Fox & Friends: "How to make peace when you've been hurt."

Click here to watch Anne's September 6, 2013 interview on Fox News about Wounded.

Click here to watch Anne's August 29, 2013 interview on 100 Huntley Street.

Interviews of Anne:


Older Interviews and Articles

Click here to listen to Anne's March 30, 2013 "soulSURVIVOR" interview on the Drew Marshall Show.

Click here to read the December 2012 article from Reach Out Columbia regarding Anne's passion for reviving God's people!

Liberty University -December 2, 2009 (convocation address)

Fox & Friends - April 12, 2009 (The true meaning of Easter)


National Religious Broadcasters Convention – NRB – February 2009 (return of Jesus)

Christianity Today - October 2008 (article about Anne)

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - October 2008  (article about Anne)

Fox & Friends - September 2008

Christian Broadcasting Network - February 2008 (Just Give Me Jesus revival)

goodmorningamerica_small.jpg Good Morning America- December 25, 2007 (the meaning of Christmas)

Houston Chronicle - September 2007

CNN's Headline News - April 2007

Fox News Sunday - December 2006

Drew Marshall Radio Show - September 2006

In Touch Ministries magazine - September 2006 (A Wake-Up Call) 


Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes - March 2006 (I Saw the Lord)

The Early Show - August 2005 (Billy Graham's book Living in God's Love)

foxfriends2.jpg The Christian Post - April 2005 (back to the basics)

Scarborough Country - March 2005

CNN with Kyra Phillips, Today Show on NBC and The 700 Club on CBN - April 2004 (Why? Trusting God When You Don't Understand)

MSNBC’s Scarborough Country- March 2004

US News & World Report - December 2002


today_show.jpg CNN online chat - December 2001 (Finding Meaning in Sept. 11)

USA Today Life Section - December 2001

Larry King Live - November 2001

CBS Early Show's- September 13, 2001 - (Where was God on Sept. 11?)

Larry King Live - May 2000

Beliefnet's -May 2000 (Like Father, Like Daughter)