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Facilitating a Group Bible Study

Believing that God speaks to the individual through His Word, Anne has designed the 3 Question Bible Study Method to lead Bible students through a series of questions that can be applied to any Scripture passage.  Following this method enables any reader of scripture to hear God speaking personally through His Word as he or she discovers the eternal truths revealed by God!

If Anne’s 3 Question Bible Study Method is new to you, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the format by viewing the free video workshop Journey to Jesus: Learning to Hear His Voice.

As you embark on a study as a group, you may want to meet once a week to share the insights you’ve gained. We suggest that the free instructional workshop videos be used at your first meeting.  If the group is large (twelve or more), you may need to divide into smaller groups for discussion time, with moderators being chosen to lead each one.



AnGeL Ministries has a myriad of free and paid Bible studies that are all based on the 3 Question Bible Study Method.  Each study can be used personally or as a group study.

How to Study the Bible

 Free 3 Question Bible Studies

 Additional Group Bible Studies Available for Purchase

See comparison spreadsheet and complete list in Store.

(To learn more from Anne about the 3 Question Bible Study Method you may enjoy the following: Sitting at His Feet: How to Read, Study and Teach the Bible)

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