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Thank you ALL for your daily emails. You help encourage me and you give me ideas to share with friends we visit and give Bible studies each week - 70 people in 4 nursing homes who cannot go to church...so we take the church to them. Many cannot see, hear, own or hold a Bible, turn pages, have or use emails, or stay awake very long! So we give encouraging words and hymns each week and use your teachings. Thanks for letting us share God's message of Good News about Jesus.

I attended the Just Give Me Jesus in Greenville SC three years ago. Today I am celebrating three years of sobriety. I surrendered this to God because of this conference, I write to you each year to share my praises!

I have almost completed Anne's book entitled "Just Give Me Jesus" and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things about both myself and my Lord. I just wanted to thank Anne for allowing the Spirit of God to use her to write something that touches me on so many personal levels. Only God's Spirit could have led me to this book that I so desperately needed to read. This book is like the Holy Spirit finally getting me to understand a lot of things I either didn't know or was unwilling to acknowledge.

I have received such joy and blessing from your Bible Study material in the 'Decision' magazine.  I meet with my 92 yr old friend every Monday and that is the study we use.  I like the format and the topics you choose.  This month we have done December's and it has been wonderful.  Next week we will begin the study of Psalm 37. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord and His Church.

I have stage three breast cancer and just finished 12 chemo treatments. Next month I will undergo a double mastectomy followed by radiation. From the moment I was diagnosed, Jesus has been so close and wonderful to me. He gives me so much to laugh and sing about that a few people said I make cancer sound fun. I am going through Anne's bible study INTO THE WORD. Please continue to testify about His goodness, His thoroughness and His perfect timing. I wouldn't trade the last six months of my life for anything. Insomnia even becomes joyful. He is right here with me!

I have been studying the Bible using the method you shared at the Woman to Woman conference in Hickory. Wow, what a difference it has made in my life. I have a greater thirst for God's Holy Word. It is like I can't get enough of the Bible and what God is saying to me.

Heaven gets sweeter every day. Anne thanks for your book about Heaven. We lost our daughter last June. After reading your book, I am more reconciled with her passing.

Your eNewsletter inspired me to start Bible study, so Thank You. It helped me!

You inspire me EVERY day when I read these devotionals. A while back you sent out the devotional, "Are you saved?" and I got busy, got my list of folks I know are not saved, and "Did it scared." As a result many of them have not sent me a single word.  No more clever emails, jokes.............nothing!  I prayed that some might take this warning to heart and respond with a positive testimony, but NOTHING. More than likely, I will not know until "that Day" if anyone was impacted. I don't want you to feel like your messages are just going out into the vast unknown cyberspace world, they're not.  I hear you loud and clear and I know there must be thousands of others who do too. These devotionals are powerful and I want to thank you for your faithfulness in sharing the Truth of God's Word this way.

Thank you so much for your posts! They have been a real encouragement to me! I am a pastor’s wife here in Portugal! In the international church of the Algarve! I have really been blessed by your books and also listening to you on book to book with Richard Bewes! May God continue to bless you in your ministry!

Last night I introduced the 3 question bible study message to my small group. We had the most wonderful evening. Even those I thought might be skeptical because of the “simplicity” of the method were scribbling on their papers with red cheeks during the workshop part. The results were astonishing and really enriching. All honor to God! And a big “thank you” to Mrs. Lotz and Angel Ministries for this method and all the good material on your website and app. You are impacting so many people`s lives, including my own.